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Mt. Airy, Maryland

Welcome to Challedon MISGA!

If you've reached the Golden age of 50 or more, enjoy meeting new people, playing some golf, and don't take things too seriously, then MISGA is for you. For more information on MISGA, itself, select "MISGA Info" or go to the navigation bar above.

Want to Join?

If you'd like to join us for great fun, great food, and great company, just print and fill out the "Application" and mail it with your yearly dues of $25. Further details about becoming a member, as well as directions on submission of application and dues are given in this application.

If you have any questions, select "Contacts" or go to the navigation bar above. You can contact any of the Representatives listed there for further information.


An essential part of any type of amateur-level competitive golf is the USGA Handicap System that ensures a level playing field regardless of ability. For more details on creating and maintaining such a handicap for MISGA, select "Handicaps".

10 Tips for Playing Faster Golf

  1. Forget HONORS entirely; play ready golf at all times.
  2. Concentrate on determining your yardage before it's your turn.
  3. Try this guideline: from the time you pick up your ballmarker, you have 15 seconds to hit your putt.
  4. In the age of soft spikes, experiment with rounds where continuous putting is mandatory.
  5. The first golfer to hole out should tend the flagstick.
  6. Always park your golf cart on the path near the exit point of the green.
  7. After hitting a shot, hang on to your club until the cart has stopped at it's next position. Then store it.
  8. TEE IT FORWARD. Playing the best set of tees for your game will make it more enjoyable for both you and the folks playing behind you.
  9. Always watch your playing partner's shots. Hunting for golf balls is the biggest cause of slow play.
  10. Minimize your time at the turn to 6 minutes or less. Try to pre-order food/drink while on the 8th hole.